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Gang Sheet DTF Prints • T-Shirt transfers • Fabric Transfers • Heat Press Transfers

T-shirt transfers , hat transfers , canvas bags and many other applications. Promote your brand , company , event , team or celebration w/ custom dtf transfers.


STEP 1 (Pre-Pressing)

Clay Vase
  • Pre-Pressing your t-shirt or garment is suggested, this process will help flatten all the fine fibers and prepare a flat smooth surface for your DTF heat transfer to bond to.

  • Place your t-shirt or garment on the heat press and place a sheet of teflon between the fabric and your heat press. Do not prepress with out wax paper or teflon between your press and the fabric. This could put unneccessary heat on the fabric and cause burning or discoloration.

  • Once you have placed wax paper sheet or teflon sheet between your heat press and t-shirt or fabric. Close your heat press for 3-5 seconds to flatten the fibers and prepare the garment for the printed dtf transfer. Try not to rub the t-shirt or fabric after completeting the pre press, we do not want to disturb any of the fibers if possible.

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