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  • Printer Repair for L1800 Mainboard

    Use the diagram below to repair your Epson L1800 printer.

  • DTF Printing Process Start to Finish

    With the popularity of DTF printing exploding, we've put together an article that explains the process of Direct To Film Printing from start to finish. This article will give new D.T.F owners a better understanding of the entire process, from understanding basic print set up, to applying the finished print to your garment or substrate. Setting Up Your Artwork For DTF Printing Process Every print begins with original artwork. There are various file types and software programs for designing the artwork your customers will bring to you. Depending on the RIP (raster Imaging Software) you are using, there are various file types you can print. The three MAIN file types you will see are: .PNG (Portable Network Graphic) - this is by far the most popular file type to print. The advantages to the .PNG file type is it's size. These files are able to hold color and bitmap information without having to exceed your computer or RIP software memory capabilities. PNG's smaller file size also allows for quicker data transfer between your computer and your printer. PNG will be your #1 option for file types. .TIFF (Tag Image File Format) - these file types are typically quite a bit larger than .PNG files, but their upside is that they hold color information much better. They are harder for your RIP and printer to process, so they will take a little longer to transfer from your computer to the printer. .EPS (Encapsulated Post Script) - These files can vary in size, the biggest difference between a .EPS file and either of the two files above is, .EPS is typically a VECTOR file format. Vector files are comprised of lines and points that have fill colors inside of them, they are typically scalable without losing quality. There are several other formats that you can create or your customer might bring such as .JPG, .BMP, .PS, .AI etc....most of these formats can be printed as well, depending on your printer and RIP software, but you will huge differences in your prints. It's best to stick to .PNG format or .TIFF. You can convert files in programs like photoshop or illustrator into whatever file type you would like. If you do not have either Photoshop or Illustrator there are two GREAT software options that are free, and are very similar to the Adobe programs: INKSCAPE is very similar to Adobe Illustrator, it can be downloaded free at this link. GIMP is very similar to Adobe Photoshop, it can be downloaded free at this link. Suggested RIP (raster image processing software) can be downloaded here Loading Your DTF Printer With Printing Film Process After preparing you artwork and saving it in the .PNG format, or the format of your choice, you will need to load your film into your printer. There are two basic film sizes that your system will be using. A3 size D.T.F film (11.7 in x 16.5 in), this film can be loaded on a roll (if your system has a roll feed option on the back) or it can be sheet fed (you load one sheet at a time, similar to a regular desktop printer) 2. A4 size DTF film (8.3 in x 11.7 in) just like the A3 size film, you see two options with these substrate type, either roll (only works if you have a roll feed attachment on the back of your printer. Or sheet fed (where you load one sheet at a time, similar to a regular desktop printer) Applying TPU Powder To Your DTF Prints After printing the next step in the process is take your finished print (be careful with the finished print off the printer, the ink has not been cured yet and can smudge or run easily), and apply the DTF TPU Powder. There are several ways to apply DTF TPU Powder to your prints. Some of the larger industrial systems have "TPU Powder shakers" with a DTF Curing Oven attached, these only work with roll fed DTF Printers and automatically apply DTF TPU Powder and cure, it's a faster easier process for the end user, but is a complicated system and requires set up and heavy maintenance. In this article we will go over how to manually apply DTF TPU Powder to your prints. After the print comes off the DTF Printer, you want to have a large container filled about 1/4 with DTF TPU Powder. Carefully bring your print over to the DTF TPU Powder box (most customers use a large plastic storage container, like what you can find at home depot or wal-mart). Hold your over the DTF TPU Powder in the container and dust the BACK of your print with the powder (seen in the images below) There are two types of DTF TPU Powder available, White DTF TPU Powder which works for 99% of DTF Printer applications. And Black DTF TPU Powder, which is especially great for applying your prints onto dark garments, Black DTF TPU Powder will help the DTF Prints pop better and hold the color vibrancy after applying. Curing Your Prints After printing the DTF prints and applying the DTF TPU Powder, you will need to cure the prints. This is a simple process that involves placing your finished DTF Print that has been dusted with DTF TPU Powder into your DTF Curing Oven. Curing time typically takes 3 minutes at 150 degrees Fahrenheit . Pressing The Print Onto The Garment After curing the DTF Print and the DTF TPU Powder together, it is time to finally press the DTF Print onto your garment. For this process you simply place your garment onto your heat press, and press for 15 or 20 seconds at 325 degrees Fahrenheit (different garments and substrates will require testing to get the finish just right) Now you will have finished T-Shirt ready to distribute to your customers. Over all , with a single A4 sheet fed DTF Printer, each shirt will take approximately 6-8 minutes from start to finish. Using a sheet fed DTF Printer will speed the process up a little and help save money and time by allowing the sheet feed roller to consistently feed the printer (so you can send multiple prints at once. Learn more TIPS, find affordable systems, join our forum for questions and answers and become part of the Ink Drop Printer Services family to help grow your business. Joel Bowman Certified Inkjet Technician Ink Drop Printer Services /


    Explanation of how your Epson printhead works, to help with repairing printhead clogs and improve print quality. WWW.INKDROPPRINTERSERVICES.COM

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  • CustomPrinting

    CUSTOM PRINTING B usiness Cards • DTF Prints • Banners • EDDM Postcards • Signs • Print & Web Design Order indoor / outdoor banners DTF transfers Business cards Signs EDDM Postcards Print & Web Design Services Custom printing for every event , team , promotion & celebration 48 hr. turnaround time w/ most custom printer orders We review every order before printing to insure that you get the quality prints your need Online ordering is easy , just choose your quantities , finish options & upload your artwork HOME / CUSTOM PRINTING / BANNERS banners.webp VinylBannerFull.webp mesh-banner_zoomed.webp banners.webp 1/5 ORDER BANNERS Browse printed banner options for your company , team or celebration event. We offer indoor and outdoor custom design banners at great prices. Print design & set up services from our design team is available upon request , or simply choose your banner size and finish option and upload your ready to print design. We check all orders to insure they will print as intended. If our team has questions concerning print quality or finish we will reach out before fulfilling the order. DTF TRANSFERS Wholesale DTF Transfers Ready to apply DTF transfers shipped to your door. DTFTransferItems.webp DTF.Transfers-03.webp Wholesale DTF Transfers Ready to apply DTF transfers shipped to your door. 1/4 ORDER TRANSFERS • Direct To Film transfer intended for fabrics of all kinds. Polyester , cotton and blends. • Custom DTF prints are perfect for building brand awareness , and group events. • All you need is a heat press and the intended garments to create your finished product. • Our design team checks EVERY order before fulfilling , to insure that you get what is intended , we will reach out with any questions before fulfilling any order.

  • Printer Boards

    PRINTER PCB BOARDS Printer PCB boards for all printer makes and models. Mainboards , Carriage Boards , Ink Boards, Ink Chips HOME / ELECTRONIC BOARDS / L1800MainboardTop.webp L1800MainboardBottom.webp L1800MainboardWiring.webp L1800MainboardTop.webp 1/5 Epson L1800 Mainboard | Fits any Epson L1800 based printer New Epson L1800 Mainboard is the perfect replacement part for your Epson L1800 based DTF or DTG printer. Do you hear a slight "beep....beep....beep" from the back of your printer when it is powered on? A new L1800 mainboard could likely repair the problem. Use the Epson L1800 Repair manual for replacement instructions & L1800 Adjustment Program to save & restore mainboard settings. IF OUT OF STOCK ALLOW 2-3 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY ORDER HERE Anajet MP5 MP10 Table Control Board_edited.jpg 20240201_063618_edited.jpg Anajet MP5 MP10 Table Control Board_edited.jpg 1/2 Anajet Table Control Board 51-20023-001 Anajet MP5 MP10 Table Control board. Part Number 51-20023-001. Electronic board that controls printer platen functions. If your Anajet MP5 MP10 printer platen is not moving correctly this used Table Control Board could be your solution. ORDER HERE 20240201_063859_edited.jpg 20240201_063908_edited.jpg 20240201_063859_edited.jpg 1/2 Anajet MPi Series DTG Printer Ink Board Anajet MPi Series DTG printer ink board. Electronic board that controls ink flow insdie your Anajet MP series DTG printer. If you are seeing ink flow problems , ink not pumping , or ink startvation these boards could be the solution. 30 day returns. Fast shipping. ORDER HERE 20240201_064038_edited.jpg 20240201_064028_edited.jpg 20240201_064038_edited.jpg 1/2 Ricoh Gen4 Printhead Controller Board Anajet MP5 MP10 Printhead Controller Board. Part Number 54-20004-001 Electronic board that controls Ricoh Gen4 printhead functioning. 30 day returns. Fast shipping. ORDER HERE

  • Printers

    PRINTERS Find the printer your business needs. DTF • DTG • Large Format • UV printers for any application Printers for every application & business Increase business w/ more print options for your customers Free shipping w/ every new & refurbished printer order DTF , DTG , UV , Large Format & Dye Sublimation printers at great prices Onsite installations for every printer purchase in the Palm Beach area Customers outside the Palm Beach printer shop area get free remote / desktop installation services of their printing software and printer networking HOME / PRINTERS / U.S. BASED SUPPORT W/ EVERY NEW PRINTER LEARN MORE HERE 24" DTF Printer and Shaker | Dual XP600 Printheads 24DTFprinterwithshaker.webp 24XP600DTFprinter.webp 24DTFAutomaticShaker.webp 24DTFprinterwithshaker.webp 1/11 24" DTF printer and shaker , FREE SHIPPING. Dual Epson XP600 printheads A1 DTF transfer printer with automatic powder shaker , is built for large print production uns . 24" DTF printer and shaker package includes RIP software. Every printer purchase includes free U.S based remote software & printer installation service. Shipping Times Vary Due To Demand , Please Allow Up To 28 Days to Recieve The Printer. ORDER HERE DTF Printer & Shaker Package | Dual XP600 Printheads DTF12inchRollPrinterShakerPackage.webp DTF12inchPrinterShaker.webp DUALEpsonXP600printheads.webp DTF12inchRollPrinterShakerPackage.webp 1/7 DTF printer & shaker package free shipping. Dual Epson XP600 printheads A3 DTF transfer printer with automatic powder shaker , is built for medium to long run print orders. DTF printer & shaker package includes RIP software. Every printer purchase includes free U.S based remote software & printer installation service. Shipping Times Vary Due To Demand , Please Allow 21-30 Days to Recieve The Printer. ORDER HERE A3 DTF Transfer Printer | 13" DTF Roll or Sheet A3DTFPrinter6.webp A3DTFPrinter7.webp A3DTFPrinter4.webp A3DTFPrinter6.webp 1/6 A3 DTF Transfer Printer is used to print A3+ 13" roll or sheet size Direct To Film prints. This DTF roll / sheet printer is easy to use , easy to maintain & versatile. A3 DTF transfer printer with the Epson R1390 base , is built for short to mediums run print orders. Evey printer purchase includes free U.S based remote software & printer installation service. Shipping Times Vary Due To Demand , Please Allow 7 - 14 Days to Recieve The Printer ORDER HERE Small DTF Printer Epson L805 | 11" T-Shirt printer 1/7 Small DTF printer is used to print A4 8.5" x 11" size Direct To Film prints. This small DTF sheet printer is easy to use & easy to care for. The small DTF Epson L805 printer is the perfect t-shirt printer for short print runs. Evey printer purchase includes free U.S based remote software & printer installation service. Due To Demand Shipping Times Vary , Please Allow 7 - 14 Days To Recieve The Printer ORDER HERE SIGN IN / JOIN FREE INSTALLATION & SET UP Our certified print technicians will walk you through every step of the process. Buying the right printer at the right price is only half the challenge , trust Ink Drop Printers Services printer support team to help you get the most out of your new printer and keep it running at optimal condition.

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