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.750 amp mainboard fuse will resolve many power and printing issues with many Mutoh printers and any printer that utilizes Mutoh mainboard. We have found that this fuse blows often when performing electrical repairs while thr printer still has power or hasn't been properly shut down.The fuse will be found on the mutoh mainboard and is easy to replace, no soldering or risk of damaging the electronic board. Always insure your printer is off and disconnected from power source before attempting any electrical repairs.

Our suggestions to insure that the fuse doesn't blow during electrical repairs are:

1. power your printer off

2. Disconnect the power cable from the system

3. After you have disconnected power to the printer and the main power cable, push the power button a few times to clear any residual electricity that will be in the system.

4. Then remove the fuses from the mainboard before changing cables or doing any electrical troubleshooting.

We have posted some resources below to help with printer repair and diagnoses.

Download printer repair manuals for step by step instructions that walk you through how to perfrom many printer repairs and procedures.

Test your fuses easily before replacing.

.750mA Ceramic Electrical Fuse

  • .750 Amp ceramic fuse

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