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2.5 amp mainboard fuse for most Mutoh printer models, also used in a variety of printers including many DTF and DTG systems. Fuses usually become damaged when installing or reseating printer cables while the printer has power, or residual electrical power is still in the systems capacitors. This fuse can be found on most Mutoh model and Mutoh based printers. Easy to replace with a pair of tweezers or needle nose pliers. Always insure your printer is off and disconnected from power source before attempting any electrical repairs.

It is best practice to power your printer off, disconnect the power cable from the system, after you have disconnected power to the printer and the main power cable, push the power button a few times to clear any residual electricity that will be in the system. Then remove the fuses from the mainboard before changing cables or doing any electrical troubleshooting.

Test your fuses with voltmeter to insure that they are blown before replacing, learn how here.

Check our printer repair manual page for step by step printer repair procedures and printer troubleshooting tips.

2.5 Amp Ceramic Electrical Fuse

  • 2.5 Amp ceramic fuse

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