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How to replace L1800 / R1390 DTF printer mainboard

Updated: Jul 10

Step by step video on how to replace your L1800 or R1390 DTF printers mainboard. Explanation of the "breakout" or "bypass" that , where it plugs into the mainboard and what it's purpose is.

Test mainboard fuses and more.

Replacing the mainboard on your L1800 or R1390 printer can be a simple process if we remember to take pictures and label all cabbles and connections as we move the repair process.

Often we have found that the problem isn't the mainboard itself , but the cause of the error on the L1800 and R1390 DTF or UV printers is on the F1 fuse. The F1 fuse can easily be replaced on most DTF , UV or DTG printers with only a small screwdriver.

Check out the link below to find a specialty F1 fuse that can applied to your printer quickly.

Click below to order a new L1800 or R1390 DTF , UV , DTG mainboard fuse

If you have tested your mainboard fuse and found that it is not damaged , then a replacement L1800 or R1390 mainboard is easy to order at the link below:

ORDER L1800 DTF , UV, DTG maiboard HERE

Need help with DTF , UV , DTG or Large Format printer? Reach out to us via the printer repair form and upload pictures and videos of your printers issue.

Our printer repair team has experience with every inkjet manufacturer including Procolor , Colorsun , Erasmart and Mutoh systems.





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