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Replacement ink dampers for any inkjet printer repair. We stock many varieties of replacement ink dampers to get your printers ink system up & running. Reach out to us if you can't find the damper that you need below.

DX7 Ink Damper

DX7 Ink Damper for Epson Stylus, Roland, Mutoh, and many other printers. It is designed specifically to work with any DX7 printhead, providing a reliable and consistent performance during printing. If you are experiencing ink dropout or it is time for printer maintenance, then we strongly recommend these DX7 ink dampers.

Ink Damper Nuts & O'rings (5pc. set)

Ink Damper Nuts & O'rings, 4mm x 3mm or 3mm x 2mm sizes. Fit DX4, DX5 , DX7 & many printer printheads. Complete printer maintenance or printer repairs with our ink damper nuts & o'rings. Set of 5pcs.

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